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Hi, I’m Michael and I like helping people with money.

Growing up dirt poor made money a high priority in my life from a very early age. I remember looking at the nice clothes and full lunchboxes of other kids at my school and desperately wishing I could have the same.

I knew my parents could never afford to provide the same as the other kids, but even at that young age, I was determined to dig myself out of that situation and make sure I never missed out.

I got a paper route as soon as I was old enough to walk the streets on my own and have been focussed on saving and effectively investing my money ever since I first put the first quarter into my money box.

Years of hard work, diligent saving, and smart investing allowed myself up for financial success and I decided to dedicate my life to educating others how to avoid the same problems that stripped my childhood of possibility.

Since I made that decision, I’ve helped more than a thousand people avoid the common traps and pitfalls and accelerate their financial success.

If you’d like to set yourself free from financial strain and struggle, contact me and I’m happy to help you start your journey.