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Michael Diamond

Those who tell you money isn’t important have never known life without it.

Hi, I’m Michael and I like helping people with money. I didn’t have a lot of it growing up, so mastering all things financial became my life’s mission.  I got a paper route the minute I was old enough and have been focused on saving and effectively investing my money ever since. 

My Story

With a million odd jobs, I was able to put myself through college which led to a job as an analyst at a major Wall Street investment bank. Circumstances brought me back from Wall Street to Main Street more quickly than I had planned, but I made the most of it. 

I spent a combined 31 years working at two regional banks, starting off as a loan processor before becoming a financial advisor and eventually moving on to management. As a financial advisor, I helped clients through the aftermath of the ‘87 crash, the S&L crisis, the dot-com boom and bust, the housing bubble and burst, a million changes to the tax code, and more. I’ve seen enough to know you’ve never seen it all.  

During that time I also started several initiatives between our bank and local high schools to help teach financial responsibility, volunteered as a mentor with young entrepreneurship clubs, and spoke at various financial literacy seminars. 

Thanks to diligent saving and smart investing, I “retired” at the age of 54 and now actively trade (mainly forex) with my own risk capital.

I’ve decided to dedicate most of my retirement to teaching others what I’ve learned about the world of finance. I can’t tell you exactly what to invest in, unfortunately. (And I should say that anyone who does is probably looking out for their own pocketbook, not yours.) But what I can do is guide you on your financial journey by defining and honestly assessing various markets, tools and financial instruments.  

What I want to do more than anything is give you the foundation upon which you can build your own financial success.

I write my posts based on what I am getting the most questions about, so if there’s something you’re curious about, contact me. I’d love to help.