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October 13, 2023


The 5%ers are a very popular, reputable proprietary trading firm famous for providing their traders with quick funding, rapid account scaling as well as great trader support and education. After what happened to MFF, the 5%ers are one of the few prop firms that I still completely trust.


  • Best prop firm business model: The 5%ers does things by the book, unlike many other prop firms these days.
  • Funded traders trade real capital from the 5%ers private equity fund.
  • As a non-US based prop firm, there’s no fear that the 5%ers is not subject to US regulation and will not be shut down by the CFTC.
  • Consistently profitable traders can scale up their payout percentage all the way up to 100%
  • Offers accounts suitable for any level of trading experience from beginner to those ready for near-instant funding.
  • With most accounts, you can double your account size every time you hit your profit targets, which is the best scaling plan in the business.
  • Hyper Growth plan allows you to get paid out for profits made during the evaluation stage.
  • The 5%ers offers very trader-friendly trading parameters. For example, most accounts don’t have a daily maximum loss.
  • Very relaxed trading rules. Hold positions overnight, over the weekend, trade news, trade any style. EAs are allowed. Swing traders and scalpers are welcome. If you can make money as a trader, the 5%ers want you to start trading with them. 
  • One of the best trader support teams in the business offers access to daily trading rooms, webinars, educational videos and much more. The 5%ers even offer free courses in the psychology of trading and free one-on-one performance coaching.
  • Profit payouts are easy. Unlike with other prop firms, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get what’s yours. Request a payout at any time, for any amount, and you’ll have it in a flash.


  • Payouts can scale up to 100%, but start out around 75% for funded traders. That’s good by not great. 
  • Compared to other prop firms, the 5%ers offers relatively low leverage. Low risk accounts offer 1:10 and Aggressive Accounts offer a maximum of 30:1. No doubt this is due to the fact that the 5%ers use real capital.
  • In addition to forex, only offers metals and indices. No shares, crypto, or futures.

Current promotion

Program highlights

  • Immediately trade real capital and keep 50% of the profits
  • Reach 6% profit target and get 4x your initial account balance
  • Zero restrictions on trading styles
  • Leverage up to 1:30 with Aggressive Accounts
  • Only one trading parameter: Don’t lose more than 6% of your opening account balance

Who should sign up with the 5%ers?

If you are a profitable forex trader who needs instant access to more capital in order to maximize your profits, the 5%ers offers the best no-evaluation funded trader program in the industry. So if you want a funded account but don’t want to be stuck in an evaluation period for the next two months, sign up with 5%ers today. 

You should also join the 5%ers if you have a trading style that’s prohibited at other prop firms. As I mentioned above, the 5%ers place no limits on which trading strategies you can employ. If it’s legal and successful, you can do it.

Even if you are a newcomer to forex trading, the 5%ers have amazing educational and trading resources to help you get started. As of November, 2021, they also offer a new extremely affordable “Bootcamp” program that allows you to learn the ropes by trading with a demo account and competing for full funding. 

If you want to become a funded trader with a firm that’s trustworthy and won’t change the rules on you at the last minute or try to erect barriers between you and your profits, you can trust the 5%ers. 

Who should NOT sign up with the 5%ers?

The 5%ers only trades forex, metals and indices, so, obviously, if you want to trade other financial instruments, you need to look elsewhere. They expanded their tradable assets in the past year, and could very well continue to do so.

If you prefer trading with demo accounts and not real capital, you should also look at other funded trader programs. Other than their new Bootcamp program, the 5%ers trades real capital in the real market, and you can start immediately. 

All things considered . . .

Picture of stars depicting my overall 9.1 out of 10 rating for the 5%ers.

The 5%ers deservedly own the best reputation amongst prop firms that offer instant funding. They are reliable and supportive and they practically throw capital at profitable traders. Jumpstart your funded trading journey by signing up with a great prop firm.

The 5%ers Basics

The 5%ers origin story

The 5%ers opened for business in 2016, and have been offering instant funding since 2017. The firm was founded by two professional forex traders who found themselves groveling for trading capital despite successful strategies. They turned their frustrations into a business that would give talented traders worldwide the opportunity to trade with sufficient capital.

How does the 5%ers work?

As you sign up with the 5%ers, you have to choose an account size of either $24K, $40K, or $80K. You also have to choose between a Low Risk Account and an Aggressive Account. Aggressive Accounts give you far more leverage (1:30 vs 1:10), but you have to hit a higher profit target in fewer days.

Once you’ve made your choice, you receive 25% of your account size as real capital. There’s no evaluation. Sign up today, and you could be trading with $6K, $10K, or $20K tomorrow as a Level 1 trader and splitting all profits 50/50 with the 5%ers.

To get your account funded to the full amount of your account size, you have to reach a profit target of 6% for Low Risk Accounts and 12% for Aggressive Accounts. There’s no minimum trading days, so if you hit 6% in one day, you’ll be given the full amount tomorrow. I know you can’t believe everything you read on the web, but I encountered a trader who claimed to have made 6% profit on a $20K account with his first trade, and had his full $80K in his account within hours.

Of course, there are also trading rules to abide by, but the 5%ers make things extremely simple, unlike a lot of other prop firms. You don’t have to worry about complicated trailing drawdown calculations or anything similar. The only thing you have to worry about is keeping your account level above the equity stop out level. The equity stop out level is set around 4% of your instant funding amount. 

For example, if you select an $80K account, you initially receive $20,000. Your stop out is set at $19,200. If you fall below that amount, your account is terminated. It’s important to start off well and give yourself a more substantial cushion.

That’s it for rules! The 5%ers really make it easy. If you stay above your stop out level and meet your profit target, you are fully funded to the account size you initially selected. 

This is when it gets fun. 

Every time you hit a profit milestone (set at 10% for Low Risk Accounts and 20% for Aggressive Accounts) the 5%ers will double your trading capital. And they will continue to do so up to $4 million.

What trading platform does the 5%ers use?

The 5%ers exclusively uses MT5 from Metaquotes at this time. MT5 has a ton of advantages, but the recent spat with Apple means cannot download the MT5 app on any Apple device, although you can still use MT5 through your internet browser.

Screenshot of MT5 trading platform as used by the 5%ers showing a chart of EUR/USD
Screenshot of MT5’s charting capabilities as the app appears on my Chromebook.

How much does the 5%ers cost?

The 5%ers charge a one-time fee. There are no monthly or recurring costs. The one-time fee is the same for both Low Risk and Aggressive Accounts. 

Instantly Funded Account

Account SizeInstant FundingOne-time Fee
$24,000 $6,000€235
Use this link for 5% off!

$100K & $250K Bootcamp

The 5%ers recently started a new funding model clearly designed to compete with the FTMO Challenge or the Topstep Trading Combine. The 5%ers version for forex traders includes a three-stage evaluation with a demo account and costs just €95 or €225 to join. Should you pass the three-phase evaluation you receive a $100K or $250K funded account.

My Assessment

When rating prop trading companies, I take the following seven factors into account. Every trader has their own specific priorities, but I think these represent, in broad terms, the best way to assess a prop trading company and whether they’re the right choice for you. 

To see how the 5% compares to other prop firms, visit my Best Prop Firms of 2023 article.

Trustworthiness – 10/10

The 5%ers have been around long enough that they no longer have to prove themselves to anyone. They have instantly funded thousands of traders and paid out substantial profits. They are as legit as it gets and a major player in the growing world of prop trading. 

They are far and away the most trustworthy prop firm to offer instant funding.

Scaling opportunities – 10/10

The 5%ers goal is to get as much money into the hands of deserving traders as they can. If you can prove you have the trading skills to make them money, they will give it to you as quickly as any prop firm out there. 

If you meet your initial 6% profit target, they’ll give you 4x the capital you started with, and from then on, they will double your account every time you hit profit targets of 10% for a Low Risk Account and 25% for an Aggressive Account. They will do that all the way up to $4 million!

Trade parameters/profit targets – 9/10

The 5%ers deserve a lot of credit for the simplicity of their trading objectives. So many prop firms try to confuse traders with difficult drawdown calculations and other confusing parameters. This is the biggest complaint I receive about other prop trading firms. Traders lose their accounts after violating rules they never fully understood because their firm made things intentionally opaque.

Not so with the 5%ers. You have one thing to worry about and that’s the stop out. If you keep your account above that mark, you’ll be fine. No worries about daily drawdowns, weekly drawdowns, relative drawdowns, or holding your position during news releases you didn’t know about. Just mind that stop out. Simple.

The current stopout is a generous 6% for accounts in Level 1 and Level 2 of funding. If you lose 6% of your initial balance, your account is suspended. Once you get to the serious money of Level 3 and beyond the stopout drops to 4%, which is understandable considering how much money is at stake in those levels.

Affordability/value – 8/10

The 5%ers funded trader program is about middle of the pack in terms of pricing. There are a few cheaper options, but not from prop firms that offer instant funding with real capital.

If you’re really on a budget and interested in learning prop trading with a low-risk evaluation program, the 5%ers very recently started offering the $100K Bootcamp, which is just €50 to join. If you pass a three-step evaluation demo trading program, you’ll become a funded trader with $100,000 at your disposal.

Trader support/educational resources – 10/10

Although the 50/50 profit split isn’t ideal, it does come with a pretty good benefit—since the 5%ers have as much skin in the game as you do, they go to great lengths to make sure you are in the best position to succeed. 

That means they’ve made a substantial investment in trader education and trader support. They offer one-on-one performance coaching, trader psychology courses, access to their trading room, and an enormous amount of other educational resources. All free to their traders.

Screenshot of the 5%ers "trading room" showing weekly forex forecasts and other resources.
A look at the 5%ers “Trading Room” shows how many resources they offer their traders.

Tradable assets/permitted styles – 9/10

The 5%ers don’t offer as many tradable assets as other prop firms like Lux Trading or FTMO, but they do seem to be adding assets. In the past year, they went from forex only to also offering metals and indices. Forex is still their main specialty as they offer all the major currency pairs plus all major crosses. If you want to trade shares or crypto, you’ll have to find another prop firm.

Where the 5%ers score big points is in the permitted trading styles department. As mentioned above, if you can make money doing it, you can trade in whatever style you please.

Profit splits – 8/10

Fifty percent isn’t a great profit split when you compare the 5%ers to FTMO or Topstep. However, neither of those firms offer instant funding. Without an evaluation period, the 5%ers are taking on more risk when they give you capital. Therefore, they’re justified in taking more of the rewards. That’s the price a trader has to pay to become immediately funded.

The 5%ers Bootcamp most closely resembles rival prop firms’ programs due to the evaluation stages. For this program the 5%ers falls inline with everyone else, offering 75%+ profit splits.

My overall rating – 9.1/10

If you want to go the instant funding route, the 5%ers is the best choice. They are clearly committed to their traders’ success and try to make your route to substantial capital and substantial profits as simple as possible. 

What Others Are Saying


Screenshot of TrustPilot's 5%ers reviews.

TrustPilot gives the 5%ers an “excellent” rating. With more than 700 reviews, their average rating is an impressive 4.8/5. More than 80% of traders have given them the full five stars.

Reviewers rave about how easy it was to request payouts and how quickly they got them. Others love the scaling plan and just about everyone mentions the phenomenal trader support and online resources. 

Older reviews feature complaints that the 4% stop out was too small a margin for error, but the 5%ers changed upped the stop out to 6% for almost all accounts, which lead to a definite uptick in trader satisfaction. All in all, TrustPilot users are very content with their experiences with the 5%ers.


The 5%ers has an average score of 4.9/5 on Facebook with more than 500 reviews. They have a strong facebook presence with daily updates, responses to trader queries, invitations to webinars and more than 47,000 likes and followers. 

Screenshot of facebook review, showing 4.9 out of 5 stars for the 5%ers

They also have a very active community of more than 5,000 traders called “The 5%ers Trader Support Group.” It includes both official responses from the company and from experienced traders. They discuss everything from the successful trades they’ve made to recommendations for a good signal provider, as well as trading ideas and a random Star Wars vs Star Trek digression every now and again. Other than the latter, it’s an incredibly useful forum. 


Like with many prop firms, it’s hard to find a centralized source of trader feedback. Reviews of the 5%ers are everywhere, including YouTube, which has many trader success stories, a few traders who detail why they failed, and someone who apparently trades from her houseboat. To each their own.

Wherever you find reviews for the 5%ers, you’ll find contented traders who are happy they entrusted their time and resources to a prop trading firm that aggressively funds and supports them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 5%ers legit?

Yes, they are the most trustworthy funded trader program that offers instant funding. The 5%ers have been offering no-evaluation, instantly funded accounts since 2017 and have funded and paid out thousands of traders in that time.

Do the 5%ers offer discounts or promo codes?

Yes, for a limited time my readers can get 5% off by following this link.

Can anyone join the 5%ers? Can Americans join the 5%ers?

Yes, the 5%ers is open to everyone, Americans included, who are over the age of 18.

What is up with the name? Is it 5ers, 5%ers, or 5 ers?

It is definitely 5%ers, although apparently the % sign doesn’t work in a url, hence their website is There’s also a lot of reviewers and clients who are simply too lazy to search for the % sign on their keyboards, so a lot of them just write the 5 ers. In a google search it all gets you to the same place, so feel free to ignore that pesky % sign.

What is the 5%ers Bootcamp?

The new 5%ers Bootcamp seems designed to compete with the FTMO Challenge. Bootcamp is also a trading challenge conducted entirely using a demo account, but there are some key differences. The 5%ers trading challenge consists of three phases rather than two, only costs €95 to join, and comes with the reward of a $100,000 funded account should you complete Bootcamp. For those who want to up the stakes, the 5%ers has added a $250K account, which costs €225 to join.

It’s a low-cost, low-risk evaluation program that could be a great entrance into the world of prop firms for beginner traders. 

How do you pass the 5%ers Bootcamp?

To pass the 5%ers Bootcamp, you need to prove your trading abilities by hitting 6% profit targets with increasingly higher amounts of capital. 

You can complete a stage as quickly as possible with no minimum days, but you have to complete all three stages within one year. In the first stage of the $100K account you have $25K, which is doubled to $50K for the second stage. The final stage begins with a $75K account. Pass that and your account is funded to the full $100K

The rules are pretty simple. Hit your profit target without letting your account dip 5% below your starting balance. You are allowed to hold your positions overnight and over weekends, and you can also trade news releases. 

The one other rule that makes the Bootcamp truly challenging is that a stop-loss is required in all trades and positions. Your stop-losses must be set so that you are not risking more than 1% in any given position.

That would be a difficult task even for professional forex traders, but considering how cheap it is and how much you stand to win (a funded account for $100,000 or $200,000) it definitely seems worth a try.

What can I trade with the 5%ers?

Forex: All major currency pairs and all major crosses. Metals: Gold & SIlver. Indices: NAS100, US30, DAX30, UK100, JPN 225. This list has expanded over the past year, and may continue to do so. I’ll keep this section updated.

What types of accounts do the 5%ers offer?

Forex traders have two choices to make when they sign up for an instantly funded trader account. You need to choose your account size and your trading style.

The 5%ers offer accounts of $24K, $40K, or $80K, and you can choose if you want the aggressive trader program, which offers higher leverage but higher profit targets, or the low-risk program, which has profit targets set at just 6% but has lower leverage. You also only have two months to pass the aggressive trader program (or growth program) as opposed to six for the risk manager program. Participation fees are the same.

Another option is to sign up for the simulated Bootcamp, which could lead to a $100K or $250K funded trader account if you pass a difficult three-stage trading challenge. 

Does the 5%ers offer swap-free accounts?

No, the 5%ers does not offer swap-free accounts at this time. Should that change, I will update this section.

Is the 5%ers regulated?

No. Like most prop firms, the 5%ers are not forex brokers, and when you become a funded trader you will be trading their private money. That means that they are not subject to any financial regulatory bodies. 

If I violate the trading objectives do I get a second chance?

No, the 5%ers do not offer resets at this time.

How do I contact the 5%ers?

To sign up for an account, visit them here. The 5%ers are very responsive to questions posted in their Facebook group page. They also have a chat function on their website, or you can email, or phone them at their US number +1(929) 955 5595 or their UK number +44(20) 8068 0793.

Finally, they encourage you to visit their main headquarters, should you ever happen to be in Ra’anaa, Israel. 

My Review of the 5%ers Summarized in Exactly Forty Words

If you are seeking instant funding, the 5%ers are your most trustworthy option. They’re completely dedicated to your success and offer the quickest access to a mountain of capital. Sign up with the 5%ers today and get access to up to $20K instantly.

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