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Are prop trading firms regulated?

The most honest answer is: only to the degree that they want to be. By definition, proprietary trading firms are only trading their own money, which puts them beyond the reach of regulators in many cases. Some proprietary firms register with securities associations, but many do not. A proprietary trading firm must register with the … Read more

OTC Stocks: Introduction, Risks, and Rewards

OTC stocks, also colorfully known as “pink sheet stocks” due to the fact that they were once listed and distributed on sheets of pink paper, have a long and infamous history on Wall Street. Some traders have famously made hundreds of millions of dollars trading the pink sheets—often using less than honest methods—and plenty of … Read more

Low float stocks

Many of the most successful traders and investors I know all seem to have one thing in common —they find their own particular niche in the market.  There is a staggering variety of investment instruments out there and trying to learn and trade them all is a fool’s errand. Instead, many successful traders find their … Read more

Pump and dump: What it is, why people do it, and one ugly case study

If you’re using a trading strategy that involves cheap, low float stocks such as pink sheets or penny stocks, you have to be aware of pump and dump stock schemes.  They’ve been a problem in equity markets forever and these days, as social media and various message boards provide new pumping platforms, they have become … Read more

Introduction to futures trading

The broadly defined futures market is a market of nearly impossible scope. You can trade future contracts for just about anything — any number of currencies, commodities like wheat or corn, livestock like lean hogs, stock market indices, bitcoin, crude oil, even next year’s average temperatures in certain cities.  That’s right, you can buy and … Read more

How to invest in penny stocks

Perhaps you’ve heard the legend. Apple Inc. once traded as a penny stock. Yes, that Apple. The one behind the iMac, iPad, iTunes, iEverything; the Apple that currently has the largest market cap in the world.  Taking stock splits into account, at one time you could have bought in for less than a dollar per … Read more

Prop Trading Firm Comparison

Compare prop firms based on account sizes, evaluations, tradable markets, scaling opportunities, trading parameters, trading platforms and current promotions.

5 Simple Steps to Managing Your Credit Cards

Credit cards can be a powerful financial tool and a great way to make purchases. However, they can also be the source of major headaches if you don’t use them wisely. Many people use credit cards without knowing the basics about how they work and what happens when you carry a balance from month to … Read more