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June 24, 2023

Hello! I thought I’d start doing a brief weekly prop firm update that includes any recent news, my favorite currently running prop firm promotions, and anything else I think is relevant. If this catches on, I’ll expand its scope, but for now I’m just testing the waters a little bit. 

Thanks for reading!

Favorite Current Promos

Let’s get right into the important stuff!

Topstep – 20% off monthly subscription

Topstep is my favorite prop firm. You can read my review to find out exactly why, but in a nutshell they are the safest, fairest firm you’ll find and offer incredible resources for learning the futures market. I’ve been with them for awhile now, and they’ve always paid out, never tried any typical prop firm shenanigans and always been there to answer any questions. Follow this link for 20% off to trade with the best

The Funded Trader – 7.5% off, 125% refund, 10% profit share during evaluation

The Funded Trader, as always, has a pretty good promo on. This one is valid until June 15th, so you have to act now. Neither of the three elements of this promo are particularly spectacular, but combine them and you have a pretty good deal – a decent discount + refund and a little taste of your profits in the two evaluation stages. Click here and use promo code “PROFITTAKERS”.

Fidelcrest – ???

Fidelcrest drives me a bit crazy. They offer some insane promotions, but only for incredibly short time windows. In the time it took you to read that sentence, they’ve probably offered three promos and taken them down.They’re latest deal in honor of their 5th birthday offered 150% refund + 1:200 leverage. That’s a great deal! Even if you don’t end up trading with the funded account, you could pass the evaluation and get a 50% return on your payment. Alas, they only celebrated their birthday for a day or two and the promotion is gone. 

You never know with Fidelcrest, however. The deal could come back at any time, or they could offer their extremely popular 2×1 deal. Head to Fidelcrest to see what offers they’re currently running – when they have a deal going there’s a banner across the top of the page. Or you could go to my prop firm promos page – I keep Fidelcrest’s as well as other prop firms’ promos up to date.

Recent Prop Firm News

SurgeTrader announced that they are widening their famously tight trading parameters. For the summer only, their max drawdown is bumped up to 8% and the daily loss limit is upped to 5%. Gives you a little more wiggle room, and SurgeTrader has developed a solid reputation for on time payments and great trader support. Check out my review.

Some interesting things are happening over at Lux Trading. They are now offering a million dollar account with only a one-stage evaluation and they’ve launched their own trading platform, powered by TradingView. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but they offer a free trial, so why not give it a go? As I explain in my review, Lux is looking for a very specific sort of trader, but I’m impressed with some of their recent innovations.

I just reviewed True Forex Funds and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them. So many prop firms are so awful, that it’s always nice to find one that lives up to the hype.

Upcoming Economic Calendar

A busy week coming up! The European Central Bank, Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan will all issue policy statements this week. The FOMC kicks things off on Wednesday, followed by their European counterparts on Thursday and the Bank of Japan on Friday. Forex traders should see more than enough action. 

Feel-good Prop Firm Story of the Week

Back to our friends at SurgeTrader. Amongst all the prop firms I cover, they have to be the most active in their community, which is great. The most recent example of their charitable work is that they’re supporting the Just One Project. The Just One Project is committed to helping those in Las Vegas who are beyond down on their luck. Seems like a really great cause.  

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